Social media has become one of the most effective tools out there for promotion. Especially when it comes to small businesses.

One of the first steps you’ll likely take is to create social media accounts related to your business.

All virtual assistants are different and the services they have to offer can often be wide and varied. If you are looking to outsource your routine tasks, it is important to find the right virtual assistant for what you require.

At CorrectVA we will work with you exclusively by using the right tools for your business. We will assist you with all kinds of admin and business support tasks thereby separating the good from the great.

Gain visibility when you outsource your tasks.

Document production

The world needs to keep turning. There are contracts to send out, legal agreements to share and quotes to produce.

If you’re struggling for time or simply too busy, then instead of turning to a temporary staff member, why not approach a virtual assistant? We can produce any documents you require including power points, manuals and letters, using your branding and can deliver them to the required recipient.

Social media management

A social media and marketing agency may seem like the first point of call, but did you know that a virtual assistant can support your digital brand building activities? Especially useful if you’re on a budget or have just started your business, you can turn to an outsourced support function to help with content writing and creation, scheduling and community management.

This gives you clear peace of mind knowing that your online brand is well represented and consistent with your website and internal marketing activities, contributing to your digital marketing strategy.

Business Growth

While you might look to recruit an outbound sales assistant, a virtual assistant can be the first touch point for any potential customer of yours. We will draft messages, research prospects and reach out to your target list of dream clients. We will also manage the responses and schedule your sales calls to increase time spent converting.

At we will always be sure to include follow up in our services and ensure we give you the best you deserve. Outsource your tasks to us and watch your business move to the next level.

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